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County Technical Officers Training On Climate Change

The County Government through the department of Environment, Water, Energy, Mining, Climate Change and Natural Resources ( EWEMCCNR) organized a two day training for the County Technical officers at Guardian Hotel.

In his opening remarks, the CECM for EWEMCCNR John Matiang'i, said that the climate change agenda should not be undermined, instead actions should be accelerated and gaps filled since the adverse effects of climate change are increasingly impacting, not only the environment but also the health and well-being of people.

" it's time to wake up and step up, let's rebuild trust based on climate justice, let's unite towards mitigating climate shocks such as extreme weather events and disasters to save lives and livelihoods", Matiang'i said.

Since climate change crisis cannot be resolved by the County Government alone,he emphasized the need to bring everyone on board so that they join hands to implement the planned climate commitments and reinforce them to avoid the worst effects of climate change in Nyamira County.

John Matiang'i also noted that, the County Government through the leadership of H. E. Amos Nyaribo is in the process of seeking an amicable split from Gwasco and have it's own water company Nyawasco to ensure reliable water supply to Nyamira residents.

This is in line with Governor Nyaribo commitment to upgrade and rehabilitate water distribution systems and promote establishment of water supply schemes in towns and rural areas.

The aim of the training is to equip the technical officers drawn from subcounties with skills and knowledge to; enable them implement all the climate actions at the community level and assist the communities in identifying strategies to employ in mitigation and adaptation to the effects of climate change.

The County Government is looking forward to start the implementation process once the Climate Change Resilient Investment (CCRI) grant is received at the County Revenue Fund.

Accompanying the CECM for environment was Daniel Omwansa, Climate Change Director.

Nyamira County Holds a Sensitization Workshop for National Government Administrative and Security Officers
Nyamira County Government, through the Department of Environment,Water, Energy,Mining,Climate Change &Natural Resources held a sensitization workshop for National Government Administrative Officers (NGAO) and Security officers at Helsinki Hotel, Nyamira County. The CECM for Environment, John Matiang'i in his opening remarks emphasized the need to advance on climate mitigation and adaptation strategies in a way that not only withstands the challenges posed by climate change but also harnesses the potential of sustainable practices. He also noted that, the workshop was planned at a crucial time when the effects of climate change are becoming more apparent and concerning especially the issue of the projected Elnino rains (0ct-Dec 2023) and at a time when the County Government is beginning the implementation of removal of eucalyptus trees a campaign that will be rolled out soon by Governor, H. E. Amos Nyaribo. "Indeed, this workshop is timely and important ,you are our strong network connecting us with the people at the grassroots, your role is to help us fill knowledge gaps about climate change to the community which will lead to a huge transformation in climate change in years to come" Noted Mr. Matiang'i. The department of Environment boss, Mr.Matiang'i further appreciated the efforts by various stakeholders and individuals whose invaluable contributions have enhanced the discourse of climate change actions. "Your presence here today, symbolizes your collective commitment to implement what we supposed to do. therefore, let's join hands and take joint responsibility since no single entity or sector can tackle climate change effects in isolation" Added Matiang'i. The participants were taken through a myriad of topics with an intent to educate the officers about the County legislation on climate change, understand the Participatory County Climate Risk Assessment Report(PCRA) and Climate Change Action Plan(CCAP) to serve as a foundation leading them to the implementation roadmap. The two day workshop also signifies H. E. Amos Kimwomi Nyaribo's commitment in addressing climate change issues by planning to equip the local communities with the knowledge and tools required to mitigate it's effects. Through the officers trained, the County aims to develop effective measures to adapt to the changing climate and protect the well-being of its residents. Nyamira becomes the first County in the Country to hold such a sensitization activity for NGAO and Security officers on matters climate change. 0ver 90 participants drawn from all Wards, attended the workshop. Accompanying the CECM were; the Chief Officer for EWEMCC&NRE, Ombogo Marwanga and Director,Daniel Omwansa.

By Mildred Nyachieng'a
Climate Change Unit.

Induction of the County Environment Committee
In efforts to enhance the capacity and effectiveness of environment committees in promoting sustainable development and mitigation and adaptation measures for climate change,the department of Environment,Water, Energy,Mining and Natural Resources (EWEMNRE),engaged the County Environment Committee in a five (5) day rigorous induction exercise at the Kenya School of Government, Baringo Campus. The purpose of the induction workshop was to build the capacity of the Environment Committee by sensitizing them to their substantial roles and responsibilities in providing technical assistance in terms of correspondence, inquiry, policy analysis, research and resource development for the county across a range of policy issues in relation to the environment. John Matiang'i, who also doubles as the chairman of the Committee expressed his optimism that the induction will serve as a foundation of discussion on how to leverage the committee in the quest to establish sustainable solutions to climate change mitigation and adaptation. After the induction,the committee is expected to review all major projects that have adverse impact on the environment, initiate the development of the County Environment Action Plan, removal of gum trees from riparian areas among other major issues. The Committee comprises of members drawn from different sectors that are relevant to environment matters.

By; Climate Change Unit.

Nyamira County joins the world in marking "World Bamboo Day"
The County Government of Nyamira joined other Kenyans in Celebrating the 15th " World Bamboo Day" at Jamhuri Gardens, Nyamira County. The County Executive Committee Member for Environment, Water, Energy, Mining and Natural resources (EWEMNRE),John Matiangi officiated the celebrations on behalf of H. E. Amos Nyaribo. In his speech read by the CECM, Matiang'i Governor Nyaribo noted the celebrations were meant to create awareness on why we should embrace bamboo growing and also understand it's benefits in mitigating the effects of climate change. "In Nyamira most people grow the eucalyptus along the river banks, but my Government is keen to reverse this trend due to the negative effects displayed by the gum trees, thus, i encourage the planting of species like bamboo, pine, cypress, graviella to lessen the adverse effects of climate change" He said. He also said his Government has welcomed a proactive approach towards tackling climate change by encouraging a shift towards eco-friendly resource consumption and green construction, hence, bamboo growing is one of them as its a sustainable resource which does not cause environmental harm. The County boss further emphasized the need for legislation in order to develop a strong bamboo industry to benefit Nyamira people through sustainable management to enable commercialization and value addition. He also drummed support for the youth by challenging partners present to not only create awareness about the benefits of bamboo but move a step further to collaborate with the County to train the youth on how to make money from the plant to address the issue of youth unemployment. "Bamboo can be used to make medicine, furniture, charcoal briquettes, musical instruments among others, let's us take advantage of it's economical gain and train our youth so that they can get income and reduce unemployment issues" He noted. Matiangi echoed the Governor's sentiments and encouraged people to plant bamboo for it has better financial returns within a short period of time and also asked teachers who have space in school to notify the County so that they can plant more trees and surpass the 30 million target put by the National Government. The Chairman EcoStream Bamboo Cooperative Society,Peter Nyambane,appealed to the County Government to push for a local and international market for bamboo to fetch income and also aid in conserving the environment. Bamboo grows within three to four years and can be harvested for the next 70 to 100 years. An exhibition of bamboo products including furniture, chairs, baskets, ornaments were showcased by different groups. Over 600 seedlings were distributed for free at the event,a bamboo seedling sells between ksh 150 to ksh 200.In Nyamira, the seedlings are available at Ecostream Bamboo Cooperative Society. The World Bamboo Day is celebrated globally every 18th September. The declaration was passed during the 8th World bamboo Congress held in Bangkok in 2009. This was the first celebration to be held in Nyamira County. Also present were;The County Commissioner,County Secretary, CECMS;for Trade, Finance, Lands, Gender, PSM,Agriculture,Education, County Attorney,Municipal Manager CCOs;Livestock, Finance barare and other county officials. End.

County Directors Training on Climate Change
County directors drawn from various directorates converged at Itibo resort for climate change training. The training is aimed at equipping directors with the knowledge and skills needed to strengthen the county orientation towards climate change mitigation and adaptation. Speaking during the opening of the two day training, the CECM for Environment, Water, Energy,Mining and Natural Resources(EWEMNRE), John Matiang'i stressed the need for collective action to combat the increasing effects of climate change. " Climate change is an issue that cuts across every department, it has caused a lot of negative effects in our communities such as floods, droughts and change of weather patterns, that's why our objective as a department is to involve various departments and partners to create a resilience ,wholesome and sustainable future for our people," Matiang'i said. He also noted that the County Government is committed to promote low- carbon development climate resilience actions which will enhance resilience against the whims of climate change. " Very soon we are going to start replacing eucalyptus trees planted in riparian land with indigenous species to lessen the havoc caused by them on water sources and also increase our forest cover", stated the environment boss". He also urged the participants to familiarize themselves with all policies/ acts for them to understand more within their dockets so that they execute their mandate within the confines of law while welcoming the suggestion for the establishment of a county court to deal with enforcement of county Government legislations. Mr Simeon Ochieng, a representative from Financing Locally Led Climate Action (FLoCCA) programme an organization which is implementing climate action in communities lauded Nyamira County for embracing climate change issues and pledged they will rally donor support to enhance response to climate change at the county level. "Climate change is mandatory to all of us, a reason as to why we will direct more funding in the future towards mitigating the effects of climate change". He said. The CECM for EWEMNRE, John Matiang'i was accompanied by the director for Climate Change, Mr. Daniel Omwansa.

Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) team meets Nyamira County Governor
Hon. Amos Nyaribo has today received officers from PACJA who paid him a courtesy call in his office. The team from PACJA is involved in locally-led approaches to climate change action activities in counties. They discussed a number of issues related to climate change mitigation and adaptation measures including replacing eucalyptus trees with indigenous species. Governor Nyaribo welcomed the move to have eucalyptus trees uprooted and replaced by environment friendly- indigenous trees to aid in conservation of the environment, in a bid to make the world a better place. "It's high time we engage and educate our people on the effects of blue gum trees near river banks, wetlands and land boundaries because they contribute to environment degradation" stated the County boss. He also noted that addressing climate change should start from the grassroots because they engage in activities that emit dangerous gases that contribute to climate change. "I hope through our collaboration, we shall engage people at the grassroots so that we build an environment free from the threat of climate change and which is sustainable, equitable and just for all of us, I know together we will make it", he emphasized. The lead officer from PACJA 'Tujiinue Tena' Project, Kanyi James indicated that they are trying to help the counties build a community climate resilience through proper land use practices and find solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change. "We have experienced emissions which have endangered biodiversity and humanity, it's high time we restore the ecosystem to address climate and environmental challenges", Said Kanyi. He further urged the county to embrace indigenous species to foster a conducive environment and contribute to the fight against global warming which is a threat to vital sectors of the economy such as agriculture. Similar sentiments were echoed by the CECM for Environment, John Matiang'i who indicated that his department will organize for public participation so that they sensitize the community on the dangers of eucalyptus trees and why they should replace them. "To successfully mitigate the effects of climate change, public participation is key, hence, the importance of planting environment friendly species cannot be overstated, therefore, let us be part of the journey of conserving our environment for the sake of our future generations", Matiang'i concluded. PACJA advocates for policies and actions that support climate change mitigation and adaptation in Africa, and also engages with policymakers and stakeholders to raise awareness about the urgency of the issue. This comes at a time when Nyamira County has the Nyamira County Climate Change Action Plan(NCCCAP) a document that will guide the County on how to address climate change issues for five years. Also present were; the County Secretary, Dr. Jack Magara, CECM for Environment, John Matiang'i and his Chief Officer Ombogo Marwanga.

By Governor's Press Service.

The County Assembly of Nyamira adopts the Nyamira County Climate Change Action Plan(2023-2028)
Governor Amos Nyaribo joined the members of the executive in a two day workshop, funded by the World's Bank' s Financing -Locally Led Climate Action (FLLoCA) program at Best Western Hotel, Kisumu County. Addressing the participants in the two-day training workshop, Governor Nyaribo stressed that Climate change has affected key sectors namely; Agriculture,health, infrastructure,energy,water among others and noted the role of the executive in identifying climate change resilience projects in the mentioned sectors and the need for collective action to mitigate the effects of climate change. "I urge everyone to take the training seriously because you are the key people to guide us in identifying resilience projects, I'm glad the workshop reflects a proactive approach to address the challenges posed by climate change, by involving everyone it shows the County aims to create a resilient and sustainable future for its citizens " Said the boss. The County Head also stated that, soon the Nyamira County Government will start uprooting eucalyptus trees planted along the streams and replace them with indigenous species. "it's high time we do away with eucalyptus trees on riparian land since they got adverse effects of drying our rivers hence, the need to replace them with the environment friendly species" He said. He appreciated the Nyamira County Assembly for fast tracking the adoption of the Nyamira County Climate Change Action Plan that will aid the County in measuring, tracking and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adopting climate adaptation measures for the next five years. He also thanked the World bank , through its FLLoCA program which is aimed at equipping people with the necessary skills to tackle adverse effects of climate change effectively. The Head of Climate Change Financing, Peter Odhengo who also doubles as the National Coordinator for the World Bank-funded Financing-Locally-Led Climate Action (FLLoCA) program, acknowledged the County for the efforts put in place to combat the climate change issue. He lauded the Nyamira County Assembly for adopting the CCCAP( 2023-2028) an essential document that will enable the County access funds needed for implementation. " I'm glad you are now ready to access climate change funds that will be used towards mitigating the impacts of climate change in all Wards in the County, I wish you success and promise to offer my support so that we save our region", said Odhengo. The County Executive Committee Member for Environment, John Matiang'i also reiterated the importance of taking climate change issues seriously and urged the participants to come up with solutions geared towards protecting Nyamira County. He further reminded everyone that the World Environment Day (WED)will be celebrated on 5th June 2023 and encouraged them to raise awareness on the problems facing our environment and how to tackle them. The Governor was accompanied by the County Secretary, Jack Magara and Chief of Staff, Dennis Onsarigo.


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